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ITAD Business (IT Asset Disposition)

We will be responsible for the proper disposal of IT assets with a safe and reliable system.

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What is ITAD Solution?

ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition. Koei-Shoji proposes proper disposal measures of various IT assets including smartphones, personal computers, tablets, server equipment, network equipment, and accessories, issuing various certificates after safely and securely deleting and destroying data under our highly secure system. We also provide a wide range of services for the purchase of information and communication devices and servers.

In addition to the certification of excellence in 48 prefectures nationwide, we have also obtained global certification.

As an industrial waste management provide, we hold certification as an excellent provide in all of our license and permits.

  • 2 cities for intermediate treatment of industrial waste (Yokohama City, Kitakyushu City)
  • 46 prefectures except Okinawa for collection and transportation services

We also hold ISO and R2 certifications as international standard certifications and constantly update our management system to respond to requests from IT companies and large corporations that own data centers, foreign and overseas companies, and government agencies that strictly set regulations.

[R2v3 Certified]

  • The latest version of R2, R2v3, has been certified.
  • R2 is a guideline specific to the business of recycling electrical and electronic equipment, and its purpose is to encourage and evaluate the proper recycling by related businesses.
  • Approximately 900 companies in 28 countries, mainly in the U.S., have obtained R2, making it a global standard in the field of electronics recycling.

[ISO Certifications]

  • Environment Management System (ISO14001)
  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001)

1. Free Consultation / Appraisal

  • We are offering free consultation on the purchase, disposal, and processing of IT equipment, and our professional staff will respond quickly from our sales offices nationwide.
  • Providing consistent services from purchasing, disposal, and transportation based on consultation with attention to detail.
  • We can provide support on a wide range of IT equipment including personal computers, servers, smartphones, tablets, as well as peripherals, accessories, and office furniture such as storage racks.
  • We can handle situations where the power doesn’t turn on, the device is broken, and/or the model is old.
  • Individual estimate can be arranged for purchasing price.
  • We propose methods (material recycling, reuse, etc.) that meet the needs of our customers to increase your cost efficiency.
  • Can be used for large scale disposal and replacement

2. Data Deletion / Media Destruction

  • Physical destruction: Perforating various storage media (HDD, SSD, USB, various tapes, etc.) with a perforator to physically destroy them in a visible form.
  • Magnetic erasure: wipe data from any storage media (HDD, SSD, FD, cassette tape, etc.) using strong magnetism.
  • Overwrite erasure: Data erasure by data overwrite software (in compliance with international standard) certified by the Association of Data Erase Certification (ADEC), a third party organization.
  • Physical destruction services for various storage media (CD, USB, SD, various tapes, etc.)
  • Issuance of various certificates, such as data erasure certificates (reports with photos and list of items are also available)
  • ISO 27001 certified, safe and secure work environment
Physical destruction using HDD crusher (perforator)

Physical destruction using HDD crusher (perforator)

Erasure by magnetic destruction

Erasure by magnetic destruction

Data overwrite erasure

Data overwrite erasure

3. On-site Services

  • Securely erase data at your designated location without taking the data (storage media) outside the site.
  • Quickly providing data erasure services (mainly physical destruction and magnetic erasure)
  • Unracking is also supported
  • We can also collect devices no longer required after data erasure
On-site Services

4. Collection / Removal / Disposal

  • Removing IT equipment from server racks (unracking) is supported
  • We can arrange collection in all 47 Prefectures in Japan
  • We hold certification of excellence for collection and transportation of industrial waste throughout Japan (in 46 prefectures except Okinawa)
  • Your important information assets are safely transported using locked security cargo and boxes.
  • GPS is available upon request.High security maintained even during transportation.
  • Equipment entering into our facility is monitored by 60 internal surveillance cameras to monitor storage conditions.
  • High quality services provided by experienced and professional staff

5. Office Relocation

  • We can arrange removal and collection of racks and office furniture that are no longer needed due to office relocation, etc.
  • We can work with a wide variety of items all at once.
  • Our highly experienced staff will assist you.

We take all possible security measure to prevent information leakage and theft.

  • In our security room (set up independently in our own plant), information assets are strictly monitored with card-authentication access restrictions, log management, metal detector, locked security cargo/boxes, and pocketless workwear for the employees.
  • Approximately 70 surveillance cameras and infrared sensors are installed throughout the facility to enhance internal and external security
  • Certified with ISO 27001, we ensure company-wide information security measures and education

Security Room

Access using security card

Metal detector

Pocketless workwear

Security Box

Network surveillance camera system

Items Processed
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Server
  • Network Equipment
  • HDD, SDD, CPU, Memory
  • Peripherals and Accessories (USB, Hub, Modem, Router, Cable, etc.)
  • Office Furniture (Storage racks, etc.)
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Server
  • Network Equipment
  • HDD, SDD, CPU, Memory
  • Peripherals and Accessories (USB, Hub, Modem, Router, Cable, etc.)
  • Office Furniture (Storage racks, etc.)

Free Consultation Available
Please feel free to contact us!

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