Security Security

We provide safety and security with the most
advanced facilities and human resources in the industry.

In the ITAD business, where we keep our customers’ important information, safety, and security are more important than cost.
Koei Shoji is continuing to strengthen its security system, and it provides safety and security for customers
through the most advanced facilities and professional experts in the industry.

Equipment / Facilities

[Entrance] The same level of security checks as at airports

Patrols and checks by designated security guards

Two security guards from a security company are stationed at the entrance and are mainly responsible for the reception, access control (for employees, customers, and contractors), disinfection and temperature control, and facility patrol and monitoring.

Metal detectors and X-ray luggage inspection equipment installed

When entering and exiting the company, you will go through metal detectors and X-ray baggage inspection equipment in accordance with security rules. Just as you would at an airport security checkpoint, you will be asked to take out your PC, smartphone, and the belongings in your pockets in advance and pass through the gate.

Latest AI testing equipment and AI system

We use the same type of testing equipment that was used in the international sporting event in 2021. The inspection system is marked by the AI system when it detects metals or objects that are to be detected. The system automatically detects and prevents information leaks in the unlikely event that any device/data is taken out of the company.

[ITAD Center] Strict control of the entire floor as a security area

Restricted access to the security area

The entire second floor of the Yokohama Headquarters, where the ITAD Center is located, is set up as a security area. Employees who are in charge of works in the security area are assigned different colors of lanyards so that the guards can identify them. Only the employees in charge are allowed to enter the security area, and so other people cannot operate the elevator that goes to the second floor.

Security checks conducted when entering and exiting the building

All employees entering and leaving the security area are required to undergo security checks upon entry and exit. All employees working outside the security area will also be subject to a security check when leaving the office.

Managing records of access to the security area

The information of all employees entering and leaving the security area is recorded, and their faces are photographed with the card reader that unlocks the security system.

Work in the ITAD center is also well managed

Employees entering the ITAD center are checked with hand-held metal detectors to make sure they are not carrying anything before they start work. In addition, they are required to wear pocketless work clothes and are not allowed to take any items out of the ITAD center.

[Security System] Complete security system against intrusions

Security cameras installed to capture all work processes

Approximately 80 CCTV cameras have been installed throughout the company. We have cameras with no blind spots that follow the entire process of unloading, working on, and shipping goods entrusted by customers. Security personnel, managers, and security guards can check the recordings at any time.

Motion sensors installed to detect intrusions from outside

In the case of an intruder, the motion sensor will sound an alarm to notify the guard, and we will be able to check what is happening immediately.

Guard station to manage visitors’ records

There is a guard station at the gate in front of the headquarters entrance, and visitors from outside will be asked to register their visit to keep a record of all visits.

[Transport System] Transporting IT equipment under a strict security system

Transported in a security cargo that cannot be unlocked by a third party

If the computers, servers, or other equipment entrusted by our customers contain confidential information, we will transport them in a special security cargo that is locked. The security cargo can only be unlocked by the authorized personnel responsible at the ITAD center. GPS can be installed on cargo during transportation, and we can propose a system that allows you to check the status of your cargo in real time.

GPS tracking of vehicles and cargo during transport

Transport vehicles can be tracked in real time using GPS. In addition, GPS can be installed on cargo during transportation, and we can propose a system that allows you to check the status of your cargo in real time.

Security license

We actively acquire licenses in order for our customers to be assured of our safe practices, and we update our security lines as they are renewed.

System development based on ISO27001

We are constantly updating our information security management system and improving our systems.

Acquired the latest version of the U.S. R2 certification

Obtained the latest version of the U.S. R2 certification, which is designed to encourage and assess the responsible behavior of businesses related to the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Organizing a system based on global standards, we can meet the needs of customers in Japan and overseas.

Safety and hygiene education

Raising security awareness through daily dissemination

The importance of security is thoroughly communicated at morning meetings and other department meetings so that all employees understand why a strict management system is necessary before taking action.

Certification systems and internal qualification systems

For personnel who handle information devices as field engineers and server engineers, we will organize a certification system and in-house qualification system based on the necessary educational process.

Regular discussions on security improvements at health and safety committee meetings

We have a place to discuss not only the health and safety of our employees but also how to improve the security of the company as a whole. When patrolling, we also perform highly sensitive checks on security, and we continue to update our security system.

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